voip-apps.co.uk Cisco Voice Application

Deployment Requirements

CUCM Requirements

  1. Extension Mobility service configured for user

IP Phone Requirements

  1. Extension Mobility configured on phone
  2. IP Phone receives IP address from DHCP server
  3. 79xx series phone currently supported

Client PC/Laptop Requirements

  1. Microsoft O/S platform
  2. Microsoft .Net Framework 3.0 Service Pack 2 +
  3. IP Address is received from DCHP server

Network Requirements

  1. Cisco switches
  2. DHCP snooping feature supported by IOS

SSO Server Requirements

  1. Microsoft O/S platform Windows Server 2003
  2. Java Runtime Environment 6 update 21+ installed
  3. CPU, RAM will vary on number of switches and clients
  4. Ports 5555 and 5556 open