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PSSO Technology

PSSO brings together a number of well-established protocols (HTTP, DHCP, SOAP-AXL) that are commonly in use on any enterprise network. PSSO makes it possible for users to automatically log into their Cisco IP Phone when they log into their end device, be it a PC, laptop or Thin Client.

PSSO takes advantage of a security feature called “DHCP Snooping” that comes as standard with most Cisco switches. When this feature is enabled on a Cisco switch, it will detect any DHCP request made by hardware plugged into the Cisco switch. It will record the IP address, MAC address, Switch Port and Vlan number relating to the hardware that made this request.

When a user logs into his/her end device, a plug-in on the end device will run. It will send the IP address, MAC address and user login name to the PSSO Server.

Using the information gained from the Cisco switches and the user’s end device plug-in, the PSSO server can identify from which Cisco IP Phone the end device is daisy-chained. PSSO will then send a SOAP AXL request to the Cisco Unified Call Manager Cluster to log the user into the appropriate Cisco IP Phone.

Below are a set of links to topology diagrams depicting the operation and technologies described above. They also provide visual representations of different possible deployment models that provide load balancing and redundancy.